Blended Learning at NCHS

Posted by Bill Wiesbrook on 10/10/2018


Greetings from NCHS.  One of my favorite things to do at NCHS is lead a tour of our school with visitors.  I’m very proud to show off our outstanding facilities and am proud of our custodians who consistently keep our building in great shape.  I am equally proud of the high quality learning opportunities that we offer for our students and the wide range of comprehensive learning experiences available to our students.  A recent learning experience that is available to students is known as “blended learning” courses.


Blended courses include traditional face-to-face learning inside of our classrooms, combined with on-line learning that can take place anywhere.  A student enrolled in a blended course will likely spend 40% of their time in the classroom with the teacher and peers, and perhaps 60% of the learning can take place on-line in the place of their choice.  The ratio of face-to-face and on-line is determined by the teacher, and can vary depending on the teacher and the course.


We also feature courses that are completely on-line, and those courses are known as eLo (Extended Learning Opportunities) courses.  These courses do not require students to attend for face-to-face learning with a teacher or peers, and support is offered completely in an on-line format. 

Students and parents are free to decide whether or not to enroll in a blended or eLo course, but I think it’s a great idea for most of our students.  NCHS graduates are likely to experience on-line learning in their future, and taking an on-line course (either eLo or blended) can be a valuable experience that may be helpful for the future of our students.  A list of courses currently offered at NCHS as blended or eLo can be accessed through the link below:


NCHS is a very good school.  However, we are constantly searching for ways to improve.  On-line and blended courses can be an enhancement to the learning experience to best prepare our students for life after NCHS.  I strongly encourage parents to consider a blended or on-line course, and reach out to your guidance counselor if you have further questions or would like to learn more.


Best wishes on a positive and rewarding school year to all of our students and families.  Our students continue to do great things and show great potential.  Please continue to encourage your student to do their best.  Go Redhawks!