The 2nd semester is off to a great start!

Posted by Bill Wiesbrook on 2/9/2018

Greetings from NCHS!  The 2nd semester is off to a great start.  Students have recently completed their course requests for next year (except seniors who will be graduating in May) and have been meeting with their counselor to confirm their decisions.  NCHS offers a tremendous variety and range of elective courses for our students, which is one of the reasons our students receive such a beneficial high school experience.   If a student encounters a difficult decision regarding several elective courses, and feeling that he/she cannot decide which to take, consider taking a required course during the 2018 summer session.  This can free space for another elective course during the school year.  Of course, consult with your counselor for the best advice in this situation.


Many of you may be aware of the term “growth mindset” and the importance of an attitude that fosters growth, learning, and improvement.   We can learn anything if we are willing to persist and embrace the challenges that we encounter.   Not all students learn at the same rate, and not all students have the same background or readiness levels for new learning.  Therefore, particularly in a classroom setting, students will notice that everyone is learning and succeeding at different rates.  The key for all students is accepting that some challenges will be more difficult than others and putting forth the necessary effort to learn and improve.  Students should avoid comparing themselves to others, which can sometimes lead to a feeling of failure.  NCHS is filled with great students, great attitudes, and great examples of success.  We have built many supports for students who are encountering difficulty, and I encourage any student or family who is struggling to take advantage of the many supports we offer.


Best wishes for the remainder of the school year.  I hope that all of our students have a successful 2nd semester, and that everyone puts forth their best effort.  It’s good to be a Redhawk!


Bill Wiesbrook, Principal