Course Selection

Posted by Bill Wiesbrook on 2/8/2017

Greetings!  We have reached the point in the school year where students and families are selecting courses for next year.  This is an extremely important step for students, teachers, and administrators at NCHS.  I’d like to encourage all families to check in with your student(s) about course selection decisions for next year, and consider the factors listed below.


Required Courses


It’s helpful for students and families to be aware of the required courses, but counselors ultimately will check to confirm that these required courses and credits are being met.


Elective Courses


Students should seek to take courses that they find interesting and/or might be helpful leading to a post-secondary option that they are considering.  We have many valuable elective opportunities at NCHS, and these decisions are often the most challenging for our students and families.   Students should enjoy their elective courses and choose elective courses that are valuable for their future.




Students and families should always consider the rigor of the schedule that lies ahead next year.  Some of our courses are more time-consuming and demanding than others.  If a student or parent isn’t sure about the rigor of a course, speaking with the counselor, teacher, or a friend who has taken the course can be very helpful with your decision.  I feel that 70% of our students should sample at least one Advanced Placement (“AP”) course or a “dual credit” course before leaving NCHS to build confidence and preparation for life after high school.  Students and families should be careful not to select courses which are too easy or too difficult, but select courses and a schedule that provides a reasonable challenge.


There are many resources available on our school website (click on “Student Services”, “Course Selection & Registration” and to the left “Program Planning Guide”)to help with course selection decisions.   Of course, you can always contact a guidance counselor or department chair for assistance as well. 


Best wishes for the remainder of the school year.  It’s good to be a Redhawk!


Bill Wiesbrook, Principal