December at NCHS

Posted by Bill Wiesbrook on 12/8/2016

Greetings from NCHS.  December is always an interesting and unique month during the school year at NCHS.  There are two primary reasons for this.  Final exams, and preparing for course selection for next year.  I’d like to elaborate on both of these important topics.


Most courses at NCHS include final exams.  The details associated with final exams are different depending on the course.  Some final exams are comprehensive, assessing learning that was expected from the beginning of the semester to the end.  Some final exams are actually projects or presentations, which are designed for students to demonstrate their learning.  Most final exams contribute 10-15% towards the semester grade, so they are very important for our students.  If a student has three rigorous final exams on the same day, the student may ask one of the teachers to move a final exam to another day.  Preparing and taking final exams can also be a valuable experience in preparation for college, where most courses include final exams.


Preparing for course selection is also an important time for 11th, 10th, 9th, and 8th grade students.  December is the month when we expect students to begin thinking about next year’s courses.  Some courses are mandatory for graduation, but many of our courses are elective.  There are many resources available at NCHS to help students and families with course selection.  The “Program Planning Guide” available on our school website is a great resource for researching courses to choose from.  This can be found on the NCHS website under “Student Services”, “Course Selection & Registration”, and “Program Planning Guide”.  Feel free to contact your guidance counselor with any question regarding course selection.  Our guidance counselors are familiar with all of our courses and the course selection process.


Enjoy the fun challenges during the month of December, thank you for supporting NCHS, and thank you for contributing to the success of our school.  Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday break.  IT’S GOOD TO BE A REDHAWK!