The school year is off to a great start!

Posted by William Wiebrook on 10/3/2016

Welcome to NCHS!  The school year is off to a great start, with lots of valuable learning experiences taking place.  It is my goal that all of our students have valuable learning experiences.  This typically involves challenges and hard work.  Nobody ever says that being successful is easy.  The teachers at NCHS have high expectations for our students, but also provide support and assistance for those who need it.  Our teachers are willing to support and assist students, and we have built further assistance for those who need extra support before and after school. 

If a student needs extra academic support (the first step should always include directly contacting the teacher), using our website please click on “Academics”, “Academic Support”, and “5 Ways to Get Support” to learn about opportunities available to students before school, during lunch periods, and after school.

I strongly encourage students to get involved in at least one extra-curricular program while at NCHS.  Graduating students consistently report that one of their best experiences while at NCHS was being involved in an extra-curricular program.  In addition to the growth that takes place, college admissions offices are always impressed with high school students who are involved in positive activities outside of the school day.

Best wishes for a great school year.  Go Redhawks!