Happy Summer NCHS Community!

Posted by Bill Wiesbrook on 7/18/2016

Happy Summer NCHS Community!


I hope that everyone is having a nice summer break.   While there is no school taking place at NCHS during the summer, the school is still open in the event anyone needs to stop by.  The Student Services office is open each day from 7:00 – 1:30 pm, with a guidance counselor available for students or families.  The main office is open each day from 7:30 – 3:00 pm. 


As we begin to think about the upcoming school year, I’d like to remind everyone of the importance of a positive attitude and mindset.  A few years ago I was introduced to the book Mindset by Carol Dweck.  I found it fascinating.  The book explains that in general there are two approaches towards learning.  A fixed mindset believes that we are born with certain abilities that cannot be changed.  A growth mindset (the best approach) believes that we can learn, grow, and improve.  I’d like NCHS to be filled with people with growth mindsets, believing that we are capable of great things and that we can all learn and improve.  It may take some of us longer than others, but with persistence and the right attitude we can all achieve and succeed.


Best wishes for the remainder of the summer.  I’m looking forward to an awesome 2016-17 school year!




Bill Wiesbrook