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Beebe Technology Usage

Technology Usage

As we start the year, we invite you to sit down with your child/children and have a conversation with them regarding your expectations with technology. Having clear boundaries with your children should eliminate having to constantly remind them about your expectations.




  • Where can a device be used? We recommend this be done in more public areas of your home (ex. kitchen table, family room, etc). This will make it easier for you to oversee what they are doing on a device and guide them to appropriate choices.
  • When a device is off limits? Having no tech times of the days or areas will also limit the constant need to be tied to an electronic device.
  • Where should it be charged? Again this will allow for you to oversee the device and limit their ability to play on the device while it is charging.


Other points worth noting:


  • Students should not be using their device on the bus or waiting for daycare transportation.
  • Students' main priority for bringing a device home is to charge it. Our staff are not assigning homework that would require your child to spend large amounts of time on the device.
  • Students should not be installing extensions on their device or placing any type of stickers on their device.
  • Students should not be bringing phones or smart watches to school. These items can get misplaced or taken. We have access to phones in most of our rooms and do contact families if an emergency comes up with their child.