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Board Briefs: November 15, 2021

Five-Year Financial Forecast
The Board of Education reviewed Naperville 203’s Five-Year Financial Forecast. The forecast details the district’s comprehensive, interactive financial planning process, which can be updated to assist the district in making important financial decisions as assumptions change.

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2021 Tax Levy
The Board of Education reviewed the proposed 2021 tax levy. The tax levy is the district’s formal request for property tax revenues, which is the largest source of revenue for Illinois public school districts in our area.

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College Board National Recognition Program
Congratulations to the following NCHS and NNHS students for earning a place in their respective College Board National Recognition Program. These programs create pathways to college for underrepresented students by awarding them academic honors and connecting them with universities across the country.

National Hispanic Recognition Program

  • NCHS: Carmen Fleming, Emily Arias, Melissa Swiatkowski, Owen Foster, Paul Villasenor, Rebeca Jacobs, and Sophia Martinez-Whitman.

  • NNHS: Lucy Westlake, Emilio Perez Ibarguen, Cale Rester, Evan Root, Arvand Amleshi, and Eliana DeMale.

National African American Recognition Program

  • NCHS: Ava Austin, Dalaeny Erwin, and Amba Kapoor

  • NNHS: Reigna Hels and Anaya Kotak 

National Indigenous American Recognition Program

  • NCHS: Alyssa Radman

Board of Education Meeting Video: 11-15-21

Board of Education Meeting Agenda: 11-15-21