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Scott School Teams Up With V.E.T. Service Dogs, NFP to on Veterans Day, Thursday November 11th.

Scott School Teams Up With V.E.T. Service Dogs, NFP to on Veterans Day, Thursday November 11th.

Local School Partners with Veterans Association to Raise Awareness

Naperville, IL (November 4, 2021) –In a given year it is estimated that 11-20% of Veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts have PTSD. This number only represents a small fraction of Veterans who would or currently do benefit from a service dog. To raise awareness and funds for veteran service dogs, Scott Elementary School and V.E.T. (Veterans Enduring Trauma) Service Dogs NFP, based in Lyons IL are teaming together. On Thursday, November 11th at 11 AM Scott Elementary will be hosting the V.E.T. Service Dogs NFP team at the school in honor of Veterans Day. During the two hours event classes will rotate through and have the opportunity to meet the team, Veterans and their service dogs. This opportunity will allow students the chance to learn more about the sacrifices our Veterans have made, what it means to have a service dog and the support their dog and the V.E.T. Service Dogs organization is providing. Each class will have the opportunity to ask questions as well.

In addition to the in-person education session, leading up to the event, students will learn more about our Veterans, create cards for the local VFW and help with a fundraiser. Scott School and the community are donating funds through the V.E.T. Service Dogs, NFP site through November 12th. “Educating the kids about working dogs is key as they are often the ones that go on to teach others, including adults,” explains Paul Marchiori, V.E.T. Service Dogs, NFP Co-Founder and President.  “It’s very hard for someone to deal with the stigma and questions around having a service dog when there is no visible disability and the best thing we can do is educate as many people as possible.” V.E.T. Service Dogs, NFP opened their doors in May of 2017. Since then, they have trained and paired approximately 60-70 dogs.  V.E.T. Service Dogs NFP is a non-profit organization, that provides veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and military sexual trauma, the best quality service dogs. Their vision is to teach each veteran and dog how to create an everlasting bond and mutual respect for each other’s abilities. On top of ongoing training, V.E.T. Service Dogs, NFP provides each dog with a lifetime supply of food, care essentials and veterinary care.

For more information about the programs that V.E.T. Service Dogs, NFP offers to our Veterans please visit their site. To donate please visit here. Please mention Scott School in the donation notes.