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Naperville 203 plans to add homeroom periods at Naperville Central, North


Naperville 203 is planning to implement a new homeroom period at the high school level that would provide dedicated time and opportunity for students to build long-term relationships within the high school community, and support the continued growth of academic and social-emotional skills through school-wide learning.

Naperville North and Naperville Central principals Stephanie Posey and William Wiesbrook presented the student support model at the Monday, Oct. 18, Board of Education meeting, outlining the benefits of the twice weekly homeroom.

“Research indicates that providing consistent targeted time for all students to connect with a trusted adult, focus on academic support and build social emotional skills increases academic achievement and connectedness to the school environment,” Wiesbrook said.

The proposed homeroom would be held on Tuesday and Thursday each week, beginning on the first day of second semester on Jan. 6, 2021. The 45-minute homeroom would be held between second and third periods from 9:25-10:10 a.m.

On each Tuesday and Thursday, the remaining periods would be shortened by five minutes each. Despite the slightly shortened periods, Posey said the repurposed, dedicated time in the school day for homeroom activities would result in fewer interruptions and focused instructional minutes in academic classes.

“In previous schedules many of these activities impacted students’ lunch periods and instructional time,” she said. “Both students and teachers will be very happy to regain these instructional and social minutes. The skills learned and reinforced in homeroom will be applicable across all settings and carry them into adulthood.”

Prior to planning to implement homerooms, school teams conducted site visits to various high schools to understand their homeroom structure and the impact this time had on their students. This information was used to develop the district model and prepare the Naperville 203 faculty for implementation.

One of the highlights of the homeroom model is that students will be with the same adult mentors and peers over the course of their four-year experience.

As part of the homeroom experience, students will have consistent, targeted time built into their schedules to build relationships, access resources, seek support, and engage in extensions/interventions aligned to curricular needs.