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Naperville 203 Administration Looks to the Future of In-Person Instruction at the March 1, 2021 Board of Education Meeting

Naperville 203 Administration Looks to the Future of In-Person Instruction at the March 1, 2021 Board of Education Meeting

Naperville, IL – Superintendent Bridges and the Naperville Community Unit School District 203 administration provided the members of the Board of Education and community with a road map of returning more students to in-person instruction at the March 1, 2021 meeting.  The presentation included a review of the updated CDC/DCHD operational strategy for returning to in-person learning, as well as health and safety metrics and guidance that DuPage County public schools must operate under.  The Board also received an update on the current hybrid model and the District leadership planning process in place in the creation of the Return to Learn Plan and finally a preview of the coming steps around increasing in-person instruction.

“Naperville 203 has remained committed to increasing in-person instruction throughout our Return to Learn and is planning towards full in-person instruction,” said Dan Bridges, Superintendent.  “District administration is logistically preparing for all scenarios for both this year and next.”

At the March 15, 2021 Board meeting, District administrators will communicate models for bringing in all students who elected for additional in-person instruction once community transmission levels are within the moderate range. 

“It is our hope, based on what we know now and what we expect, this will occur after spring break,” said Mr. Bridges.  “The current online option will remain for those who have chosen it.”

Along with increasing in-person learning this year, Naperville 203’s plans for the 2021-2022 school year have been underway. The most desirable plan would include all students in-person every day following our traditional schedule that we abruptly shifted away from on March 13, 2020. However, those plans are contingent on the safety guidelines the District receives from CDC, IDPH, and DuPage County Health Department. It is critical that the District also plans a parallel scenario to our traditional school day that includes 6 feet of social distancing with limited space considerations. 

During the pandemic, Naperville 203 developed new processes and structures to support ongoing plans for returning to in-person learning including engaging leadership and departments across the District in planning conversations and actions to be responsive to the continual shifts in the education landscape and health and safety guidelines.  These planning structures and actions continue and will continue throughout the year and summer as we build our plans for the return to in-person learning this August.

For more information on the March 1, 2021 Board of Education Return to Learn presentation or to watch the video click here.