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New Video Highlights Equity Resolution

At the June 25, 2020 Board of Education meeting, the Board members drafted and approved a Resolution Reaffirming Naperville 203’s Commitment to Equity for all Students Overcoming Systemic Racism and Ending Racial Injustice.  This resolution pledged to:

  • Continue programmatic funding to achieve equitable student outcomes; 
  • Systematic review of policies, practices, programs, curricula and culture to undo inequities and achieve a District culture that is inclusive, celebrates diversity and truly achieves equity for all students;
  • Elevate student voices in a collaborative partnership to effect positive systemic change in our schools, community and nation;
  • Partner with deliberate engagement and inclusion of all families; 
  • Recognition of the deep value of a diverse staff and administration, and the continued effort to recruit and retain employees of color; 
  • Acknowledgement of ourselves as leaders in the effort to transform our schools and communities, the long-term commitment for action and results and the desire to be held accountable for the changes we seek; and
  • Use of our voices as representatives of the community to proactively speak out against acts of racial and social injustice.

To learn more about this Resolution and our deep commitment to equity in Naperville 203, please read the Resolution.  Naperville 203 has also created this video featuring members of our school community that highlights the importance of this resolution and the work being done in our District.

For more information on our Diversity and Inclusion program, please visit our website at