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Beebe Elementary... A Great Place for Kids!

As you pass through the doors at Beebe Elementary, smiling faces of staff, students, and volunteers welcome visitors.  Student work is displayed proudly alongside enlarged photos of students working collaboratively, playing at recess, or focusing intently on the music they are learning to play.  A print that says, “Beebe... a great place for kids” speaks volumes to the culture and climate of the school.  Beebe’s community includes numerous students whose parents walked these same halls, and have chosen to continue growing in this community.  Additionally, one former student has now become a valued staff member.

Beebe Staff

Beebe has always been fortunate to be part of a diverse community, and this has always been a fundamental strength.  Area families frequently seek out enrollment with Beebe in order to expose their children to the rich and diverse environment offered.  There is a demographic shift-taking place at Beebe.  Notably, our student population consists of 49.7% white students in comparison with 55% just two years ago.  Based on the makeup of the school, Beebe continues to qualify as a Title 1 building.  Beebe has benefited from having a Math Specialist and the additional funding offers the student population before and after school learning opportunities, as well as parent education events, that may not have been available otherwise.

At the beginning of the school year, the Beebe school improvement team completed a comprehensive analysis of student achievement and growth data from the Illinois Assessment of Readiness, the Illinois Science Assessment, and the Fall NWEA Map assessment.  After notating areas of strengths and opportunities for growth, they set rigorous, but realistic goals, for English Language Arts, Math, and Social Emotional Learning achievement.  The team believes the action steps established will help all students make significant growth in each of these educational areas. 

Beebe students continue to meet ambitious goals including meeting last year's target of 60% of students would meet or exceed standards on the English Language Arts IAR.  The staff and students have made great strides in humanizing relationships and living school expectations of being safe, responsible, respectful and ready to learn.  While the math goals continue to be a work in progress, school administration feels confident that moving forward, as staff gains further immersion into the school improvement plan, and the new math curriculum is fully implemented; students will attain the math goal by 2021. 

The Beebe data growth is exciting, but school administration is equally happy with the various ways students bring the District mission statement to life.  

BeeBE Community Contributors

While the ultimate goal is to increase student achievement, Beebe believes it is essential to develop the whole child.  The Dine for the Better program allows fourth and fifth grade students the opportunity to be leaders in the lunchroom and on the playground for some of the younger learners by helping them navigate these overwhelming environments.  They will help open milk cartons, sit and talk with them, or invite younger students to play.  Bobcats on a Mission empowers fourth grade students to identify ways they can make a difference at Beebe and in the community at large. These are just two of the many examples that demonstrate a difference Beebe Bobcats are making while being community contributors.

Dine For the Better

BeeBE Quality Producers

There are many examples of Beebe students in action being quality producers.  First Lego League was identified as it highlights the partnership Beebe has with the Naperville Education Foundation and their commitment to making a difference in the community.  This was Beebe’s first year having two teams engage in the inquiry process, computer programming, and STEM experience. These students showed a high level of engagement and they worked collaboratively on a common goal.  Another example Beebe is proud to share is the implementation of the Science curriculum.  Students were able to collaborate to program their EV3s and utilize their higher level thinking skills through an inquiry based approach.

First Lego League

BeeBE Complex Thinkers

As complex thinkers, students have embraced a process of setting rigorous academic and social emotional goals.  Goal setting is present in all grade levels as students are setting a clear purpose while opening up a learning pathway with attainable action items.

Beebe Student Writing

BeeBE Collaborative Workers

Collaborative workers can also be seen throughout the day as students work to solve problems, engage in math talk, and work through STEAM activities.  Beebe staff also models collaboration as they work on their essential standards through their PLC/s, engage in differentiated professional learning, and analyze student data to plan meaningful instruction that will meet the needs of our diverse learners.

Beebe Students Working Together

BeeBE Self-Directed Learners

Beebe students are also self-directed learners.  One example that Beebe is proud to share is the work of several fourth grade students who designed an all school-writing contest.  These students chose to give up recess to formulate a comprehensive plan as to how the school could engage all students in an optional writing contest.  While students are still collecting stories, administration has been overwhelmed with the amount of students who have taken time outside of the school day to creatively write and who feel comfortable sharing their work with others.

Student work

Beebe students, staff and administration are proud of the accomplishments their hard work has produced, as well as the optimism felt in the building.  Beebe is committed to the development of its learners, and places a strong emphasis on the continuous evaluation of progress in order to ensure the proactive environment needed to put students on the path to being college or career ready.