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Naperville Central Students Learn How to Promote “Peace and Unity” from Civil Rights Activists

NCHS students, including the entire freshman class, recently had the opportunity to learn from Civil Rights activists during a special assembly. Organized by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Unity Partnership, the theme of the event was “Peace and Unity.”

Speakers included the Reverend Jeanette Wilson from Rainbow PUSH, Dr. James Shannon a Civil Rights activist, and Mr. Thomas Armstrong a Freedom Rider and Civil Rights activist. Each speaker took time to tell the students about their experiences as Civil Rights activists including the history of racism in America. They then fielded questions from students in the audience connecting their past experience with present day issues.


Reverend Wilson challenged the students to think about what they can do to make a difference. “Do you want to go down as the most racist generation in history or the one that changed that narrative? That is your challenge and your opportunity.”

The first session was hosted for the ninth-grade class, and the second session included invited students from various groups.