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Madison meets Alan Krashesky

Eighth grade students at Madison Jr. High school had an opportunity to meet a local celebrity to learn more about the world of journalism.  These 8th grade students have begun their investigative journalism lesson in Language Arts class and today learned some valuable tips from veteran news anchor and reporter, Alan Krashesky.  Krashesky told students that the most important questions they can ask while investigating a story is, “What is the truth?” He believes that credibility and trust is key to journalism and without credible sources the efforts of the journalist are lost.  

Krashesky shared a video of the ABC7 location in Chicago that walked the students through the production studio showing all the different careers that work together to create a news cast. He explained that it takes a mighty team to gather information and produce the news.  From robotic cameras, graphic artist, meteorologists to different colored scripts for each reporter, all are important to make a solid team. 

Students were able to ask questions to learn more about his career and experience.  One 8th grade student asked Krashesky what advice he would give her sister that wants to be a journalist.  “Broad educational knowledge and pick a school with practical experience, “ answered Krashesky. He explained that news stories cover all and everything so a journalist needs to be well versed on many subjects.  Another student asked Krashesky if still gets nervous when on camera. Alan says “not anymore.” He explained that being well prepared can decrease anxiety and taking a deep breath when needed.  

Alan Krashesky’s children attended Naperville 203 schools and he loves serving as a mentor for students interested in broadcast journalism.  He has been covering news stories in Chicago for many years, but favors those who highlight community members making a difference for others in need. 

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