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MJHS Students Welcome Documentarian



Madison Junior High School students welcomed documentary filmmaker Brian Donovan into their school community to learn more about his life and film. Brian has been a professional actor for more than 25 years in film, television and radio and filmed a documentary based on his sister called Kelly’s Hollywood. The film documents how Brian, as an aspiring actor, brings his sister, born with Down syndrome, out to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood diva.

Madison students had a chance to watch Kelly’s Hollywood and heard directly from Brian during an all-school assembly that reinforced this year’s motto, “We are ONE!” This year, the school will have four key focus areas that staff will explore as they facilitate student growth and reflection - respect, inclusion, diversity and equity.

Brian Donovan and his heart-warming documentary was a great way to kick off the conversation at Madison. The students asked insightful questions about how Kelly and Brian navigated their world and what inspired him to create the film. To learn more about Brian Donovan and his film, please visit