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WJHS Students Create Window Coverings for Classrooms

Superintendent Dan Bridges recently recognized students from Washington Junior High School as Mission Makers for their work creating custom-made emergency window coverings for more than 40 doors at the school.

The window coverings are Wildcat blue with a paw print pattern and have Velcro strips so they can quickly be closed to cover the window in the event of an emergency situation.

Eighth grader Allie Krolick said the project, “personally made me feel really accomplished. I have never sewed before so it was really nice to do it and it made me feel like like I was making a difference.”

This project was under the direction of Family and Consumer Science Teacher Erin Owen who was approached by Assistant Principal Mike Frost to create window coverings.  He wanted consistent window coverings across all classrooms.  Mrs. Owen said the club formed organically with the students coming in during their lunch periods to work on the project.

“The students were proud to be a part of this project and gave up important social time to participate,” said Mrs. Owen.

Students recognized as Mission Makers were Olivia Ah, Isaiah Anderson, Izel Diaz, Chelsea Jaye, Allie Krolick, Robert Levy, Alex McKirchy, Luke Mundt, Rayhona Nasriddinova, Natalia Phan, Sofia Ruiz Cordero, Susana Ruiz Cordero and Hailey Zoeller along with FACS teacher Erin Kelly-Owen.