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A Lesson on Education in Finland

Students in Naperville North’s Introduction to Teaching were schooled on education in Finland.


Throughout the semester, students explore different teaching philosophies from around the world. They recently studied the educational philosophy of Finland, a county well-known for its educational system.


Students communicated via Skyped with an English teacher in Finland. She shared how the educational system works in her country. Students asked questions about the length of the school day, homework, technology use in the classroom, and how they are funded.


“I’m not saying it’s perfect, it has its flaws,” said the Finnish teacher.  “But we as teachers have a lot of liberty to decide what we teach and how we teach it.”


North students were surprised and a little jealous to learn students in Finland are only in class about four to six hours a day, depending on their grade level. They also have about 75 minutes a day for recess.


“That’s really important for us. You have to have time to be a kid. You have to have time for physical health and be active throughout the day."