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Students Learn How to Plan a City

Seventh graders at Jefferson Jr. High School know what they’d like to see in a city.


While in town for the American Planning Association Illinois Chapter Conference, city planners and engineers worked with the students on how to layout and plan an ideal community.


“We have all this space, what’s going there?” “This place can be restaurants and shops, oh like a Target!”  Students worked in groups to plan a community full of roads, waterways, restaurants, residential areas, and commercial buildings.  


“Urban planning is a lesser known field,” said Stephanie Brown, APA-IL State Section Director and Project Planner in Champaign, IL. “We’re one of those professions that affect everyday lives. These students are the ones that are going to be running how our cities function later on. So it’s important to teach them how cities can be made better and how they can me made worse.”


The planners are met with students from Naperville Central and Naperville North High Schools while in town. #inspire203