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Board of Education Vacancy Announcement

There is currently a vacancy on the Naperville Community Unit School District 203 Board of Education due to the resignation of Mike Jaensch. Mr. Jaensch submitted his resignation to the Board Secretary on June 5, 2017. In keeping with the legal requirements that the Board appoint a successor within a 45-day period, the Board is now seeking applicants who are interested in being appointed to the Board of Education and serve until the next consolidated general election which will occur on April 2, 2019. The pending appointment is for the remaining balance of the term for Mike Jaensch. The term will be up for election in 2019.
Residents interested in applying to become a member of the Naperville 203 Board of Education should submit a one-page letter of interest, along with a resume, to be received by the close of business (3:30 pm) on Thursday, June 15, 2017. Submissions can be made by email, regular mail, fax, or hand delivery to Ann Bell, Secretary to the Board of Education. Each submission will be acknowledged to ensure receipt. 
The one-page letter of interest should address the following:
  • Why are you interested in becoming a member of the Board of Education?
  • What could you offer District 203?
  • What prior experience/involvement have you had with the school district?
All applicants need to meet the legal requirements to be a member of a Board of Education. A Board of Education member must be, on the date of appointment, a United States citizen of at least 18 years of age, a registered voter, and a resident of Illinois and District 203 for at least one year immediately preceding the appointment. Reasons making an individual ineligible for Board membership include holding an incompatible office and certain types of State or federal employment. A child sex offender, as defined in State law is ineligible for Board of Education membership. 
Candidates for office need to file a Statement of Economic Interest via paper with the DuPage County Clerk. The form can be downloaded from the DuPage County website. 
Once letters of interest have been received, it is the Board’s intent to interview all candidates the week of June 26, 2017 during the day and probably in the evening. The goal of the Board of Education is to appoint a new member on July 17, 2017, but is subject to change based on the number of applicants. Please direct all questions to Dan Bridges, Superintendent of Schools.
Submissions should be made to:
Ann Bell, Secretary to the Board of Education
Public Schools Administration Center
203 W. Hillside Road
Naperville, IL 60540
Fax: (630) 983-2236
Phone: (630) 420-6311