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Educators from Saudi Arabia Visit Naperville Central High School

A group of 13 educators from Saudi Arabia stopped by Naperville Central High School for a lesson on education in the United States. 
The Saudi educational leaders are on a tour of education in the U.S.  They previously visited a charter and elementary school in Washington D.C. before their visit to Naperville. Following this stop, they will continue on to the west coast. 
“Schools in Saudi Arabia are going through a change and looking to modernize. We wanted to come here and see what we can implement in our country,” explained one speaker.
At NCHS, they spoke with students, mostly through an interpreter, about differences in education between Saudi Arabia and the U.S. In Saudi Arabia, education is free to all students, including college.  Boys and girls have different schools, but the curriculum is just as strong for women as men. 
They also asked students and staff what they liked about NCHS and some of the challenges they face. 
The group visited Naperville as part of extension of the Illinois Global Scholar program spearheaded by Naperville Central social studies teacher Seth Brady. #WeAre203