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Statement on Naperville North

On Monday, April 10th a Naperville North High School student died unexpectedly. Any loss of life, especially one of our students, is tragic.  Our community has certainly been impacted this year. School counselors and social workers are available for any student and staff who will benefit from this additional support due to this loss. 
We encourage anyone who needs help or is aware of someone who is struggling to contact their school or a community partner to seek assistance. The health and wellbeing of our children are our number one priority. 
Our schools have an array of integrated efforts to address student issues and concerns. Some examples of these efforts include: education through the health curriculum, groups for students in need, and school-based problem solving teams meet weekly to discuss students of concern and ways to support them. Programs including guest speakers have also been held for students and parents to emphasize the value of accepting yourself for who you are. Strategies to manage anxiety and stress were also discussed during these events, and resources for assistance were provided.  In addition, Naperville 203 staff have participated in professional development in the area of social/emotional learning.
We all have a role to play in caring for each other.  The school district recognizes its role and is making plans for a roundtable discussion with our community mental health partners to review current practices and explore new ways to better serve our students.