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Student Leadership Institute Graduation

Celebrating our Rising Stars!  Over the past few months, 15 students volunteered their days off school to learn ways to become better leaders.
On March 3, the students, their families, community partners and District representatives celebrated the leaders they are and the role models they will become at the third annual Student Leadership Institute graduation ceremony. 
Led by RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. owner Rick Lochner, the Student Leadership Institute helped the students learn how to set and accomplish goals, prepare for their future academic and professional careers, and be a leader amongst their peers. 
“In order to be a leader, you first need to learn how to lead yourself,” reflected one student.
The five- course class was in partnership with the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Edgewood Clinical, Beaird Group, Sunrise Rotary, NICOR, Independence Capital Financial Partners, Software Alliance Corp., Naperville Bank & Trust, and The Rotary Club of Naperville.