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Incident at Naperville North High School

Today at Naperville North High School, 14 students were transported to Edward Hospital for medical treatment. We can confirm 12 are being treated as a result of consuming gummy bears that may contain another substance.   
This candy made those students both uncomfortable and sick, so they were taken to the nurse’s office for care.  For safety precautions, the students were transported to Edward Hospital to receive medical attention.  Each student had varying degrees of discomfort and subsequent treatment. 
Currently, 2 students are in stable condition and are undergoing evaluation, while 11 have been treated and released. They have been experiencing symptoms that include fast heart rate, dizziness and dry mouth. 
We encourage all parents to have conversations with their children about making healthy choices. Our community is fortunate to have a number of resources available through school and other community partners to support the wellbeing of students. 
We continue to review the specifics of the situation and will address it appropriately.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your school's principal.