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Naperville 203 Future Educators Signing Day

Naperville 203 held its third annual “Future Educators Signing Day,” recognizing 21 students from Naperville North and Naperville Central who have completed coursework and experiences in the Introduction to Teaching Program. During the ceremony, students are celebrated and asked to sign a letter of intent, committing to continue studies in the field of education upon graduation.

The Future Educators Program is structured to provide early professional exposure to students passionate about education. It accomplishes this by engaging them in hands-on opportunities in the classroom and partnering with district teachers for mentorship and guidance. More than 25 Naperville teachers from various specialties participated in the program this year. We are grateful for these educators who went beyond the classroom to foster real-world connections for our students and shape the future of education.

The primary goal of the Future Educators Program is to provide career exposure and development to those who are interested in pursuing education, but it also instills a passion for the transformative power education has in the community. We hope that some of our aspiring educators will return to teach in 203 someday. However, we know that wherever they choose to live and work, they are leaving the district with a solid foundation for their goals. 

Join us in congratulating these future educators on selecting their career pathway!