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Superintendent's Student Advisory Council


Thank you to our Naperville 203 students who served on the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council.

Through open dialogue and the sharing of multiple perspectives around student belonging in Naperville 203, the student council amplified and mobilized student voices toward the development of action steps to further enhance the student experience.   

Please click below to view the student recommendations, and to watch a video of the students defining what "Belonging" means to them.

View Student Reccomendations

View Student Video on Belonging



Jefferson: Alejandra Perez Delgado, Jayden VanDenend, and Liam Allen Wagner

Kennedy: Katherine Mullen, Adriel Shreeram, and Zahari Smith 

Lincoln: Amisjla Anand, Kendra Miner, and Dell Sanford

Madison: Rachel Hogue, Kyan Link, and Ashauni Rudolph

Washington: Cheluchi Chuke, Ava Douglas, and Charles Minot 

Naperville Central: Madeline Gates, Diego Jimenez, Khadija Rafathulla, and Kimani Smith

Naperville North: Monty Badie, Andrew Hebron, River Larez, and Katherine Wang

Connections: Paige Krause and Jarek Velchek