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Naperville 203 Working To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Naperville 203 is searching for a consultant to partner with the school district in its ongoing efforts to reduce the district’s carbon footprint.

Once hired, the consultant will assist Naperville 203 in the implementation of substantive changes that will improve energy efficiency, promote sustainable transportation, reduce waste generation, and more. 

Naperville 203 has issued a Request For Qualifications (RFQ), which is the first step in hiring a consultant for this position. This RFQ will identify experienced consultants to assist the Board of Education and district administrators in achieving significant reductions in its carbon footprint through thoughtful, cost-effective and strategic planning, both immediately and into the near future.

The selected consultant will complete a comprehensive greenhouse gas emission inventory and produce a web-enabled dashboard to communicate findings and provide interaction with district administrators.

If you or someone you know may be interested in submitting an RFQ response, please visit our Bids & Proposals page.