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Ann Reid Early Childhood Hour of Code Event

Ann Reid Early Childhood “Code-a-Pillar” Hour of Code Event

On March 8, Ann Reid Early Childhood Center hosted a “Computer Science in Preschool… Introduction to Code-A-Pillar with Hour of Code” event. This innovative computer science program is designed specifically for 3 and 4 year olds to nurture problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity, as well as fostering collaboration with a focus on social emotional learning.


Among those at the event were many staff, parent and community member volunteers from around the school district who came to participate and help the early childhood students with their Hour of Code adventure. With the help of staff and volunteers, students worked their way through five stations designed to build the coding fundamentals with age-appropriate activities.


Hands-on activities included making predictions on how a “robot” caterpillar would move based on pattern electronic blocks. Others had to program a “Bee Bot” to move through a board to reach his favorite food. The Code-a-Pillar app on iPads had students programing to move their caterpillar through increasingly more difficult obstacles. Some students even “unplugged” to learn about sequencing and patterns of coding through gross motor activities without computers.


“We started preparing the students for this event over the last several months by introducing them to the fundamentals of programing at this age level,” said Kim O’Neill, Ann Reid Early Childhood Center Library Resource Center Director. “Now we see that effort come to fruition as the students use planning and problem-solving to get their ‘Code-a-Pillar’ to do what they want.”

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