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Ann Reid's Language Policy

Ann Reid Early Childhood Center

Language Policy

 ·        Our diversity is our strength.

o   We learn, celebrate and respect diversity within our community.

o   We inquire about, invite and welcome families to share their home languages, cultural beliefs and heritage.

o   Knowing more than one language is considered an asset.

o   Staff at ARECC discuss with families the benefits of speaking the home language to their children.

o   We welcome families into our school and classrooms to share their language and culture with all.

 ·        Families are valued partners in our school community.

o   We recognize that caregivers are the child’s first teacher.

o   Communication and collaboration are built on respect for all.

o   We provide and coordinate activities based on caregiver interest and need.

o   We recognize the significance of helping families understand important communication that may require interpreters and other community resources.

o   We believe that relationships can be strengthened when school staff visit families in their home environment.

 ·         Intentional teaching practices and evaluation of students’ progress:

o   We intentionally plan for and use students’ backgrounds, cultures, languages and interests as a guide for instruction.

o   Staff have high expectations for all children.

o   As a building, we use student achievement data and authentic assessment to make program adjustments to improve student learning.

o   Staff will be sensitive to the child’s first and second language when measuring progress in all areas of development.

o   Research based instruction and curriculum are the basis for our early childhood program.

 ·        Hiring practices, training, supervision and professional development will increase our ability to work more effectively with all children and families.

o   We recognize that a diverse staff best meets the needs of our diverse students.

o   All classroom teachers will have ESL endorsements.

o   All staff participate in staff development twice per month, as well as participate in PLC’s. This includes our paraprofessionals. Opportunities for workshop participation are given all year long based on educator interest.

o   We have an established Equity Team that was created to provide professional development on culturally responsive practices.

 ·        Policies and procedures are individualized for our dual language families to insure the transition to kindergarten programming is understood and accessible to all.