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Career Cruising



Dear Parents,


Naperville 203 provides students in the district with a subscription to Career Cruising, an online program that allows students to explore occupations they might be interested in pursuing. A variety of assessments are available to help them start that exploration and even learn about skills and learning styles that might be of value in the various fields. These assessments are designed to help them learn more about themselves, their interests and their personal learning styles.


There are 4 assessments built into Career Cruising: Matchmaker, My Skills, Learning Styles Inventory and Ability Profiler. All of these assessments can be accessed from the homepage of Career Cruising under the Assessments tab. The Ability Profiler is designed to be administered once when students are around 16 years old. A full description of each assessment and how students can access them is listed below.


To access these assessments and the resources in Career Cruising, students will need to create a plan within the system. Instructions on how to create their plan and share it with their parent/guardian are included on the back of this letter. Please note, students should use their email address as the username and their student ID number as the password when creating their plan.


We hope you find this resource helpful in guiding your child to discover areas of interest and careers that can support and extend those interests.




Brian Valek


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