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Innovation in the LRC

STEAM with Mrs Sprague

stacked cups If you were able to get a bird’s eye view of our STEAM program these past weeks you would see our students very diligently working as a group and learning with an activity of their choice.
Some students have chosen to learn about building basics with Keva blocks and other construction materials while others have chosen to learn about robotics with Cubelets, Moss Robot and Lego Wedo. Not only are the students learning concepts of building and robotics but they are also learning that things don’t always work out right the first time.
They need to plan, rethink, and redo many times before they achieve success and they are so proud when they succeed!
All classes are looking forward to more STEAM activities. Some activities may include free choice create timekeva towers projects and challenge activities. If you would like to donate any material for these activities it would be greatly appreciated. Donations would include paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, tape, straws, yarn, scissors, foil ……nothing you would go out to buy, just things at home that you do not use. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Sprague at