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Health Office Notice


  • Please make sure that any medication changes, new diagnosis or updates are communicated to the health office (Ms. Accardo and Mrs. McGrath).   This information is needed to give to paramedics in case of an emergency, as well as to monitor for side-effects. 
  • If your student is prescribed glasses or contacts, please make sure the health office is notified so that their health file can be updated.

  • All student absences must be called into the attendance line.  While you may communicate this with the classroom teacher, he or she may be out of the building resulting in this information not being communicated to the health office.

  • With the cold weather and snow, it would be a good idea to pack an extra pair of socks in the event students have a little too much fun in the snow or get their feet wet when changing out of their boots. 

  • A friendly reminder that all medications given at school must be ordered by a physician.  While cough drops are the only exception to this rule, any cough drops that a parent sends to school need to be kept in the health office, and your student may come to the health office to get one.