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Important Drop off Information

The parent drop off zone, located along Charles Avenue, will be a fluid drop off lane where parents stay in their cars and students exit on the curb-side of the street. For safety reasons, children must enter and exit from the curbside only. When dropping off students, pull up as far as possible and let all of the children out of your car at the same time. The drop off zone extends from the south blacktop area near the gym to the area in front of the Prairie sign. We did not use the area in front of the Prairie sign last year – this is a new procedure. It is our hope that this additional space will alleviate the back-up that can occur on Charles.


Staff will be outside to assist in this process. Please follow their directions. It is imperative that these procedures are followed to ensure an efficient and safe arrival for our students.


For parents that drive but opt to walk their students to the building, there is parking available north on Charles near the park as well as on the side streets. When walking students, do not cross the circle drive as buses are entering and exiting as are some staff members. Use the crosswalks at all times – even when running late.