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Let's All Stay Safe: Arrival and Dismissal At Prairie

Arrival and Dismissal

Dear Prairie Families,

Below you will find some important reminders about arrival and dismissal procedures.  Please take time to read through these.  We have had a few safety concerns recently which are addressed below.  Thank you so much for your cooperation; the safety of Prairie students is our top priority!

  • Supervisors are on duty at 8:00 am and students may enter the school through Door 1 or 14 at this time.  We have had many children arriving before 8:00am.  This is a safety concern as we do not have supervision at this time.  It also creates a large crowd at each door making entrance to the school  unsafe.  Please plan to arrive between 8:00 – 8:05 each morning.  This provides ample time for students to “unpack” for the day.  Attendance and announcements will occur at 8:15am each day. Therefore, students are tardy if they arrive at their classrooms after 8:15 AM.  Please help your child start their day off right by arriving to school on time each day. 
  • Students will exit at 2:30 through doors 1 and 14.  Grades K, 4 and 5 will exit from Door 1.   Grades 1 ,2 and 3 will exit from Door 14.  
  • The car lane is for pull through drop off only in the morning.  Please enter at the back of the line and pull up.  Children should exit curbside and parents should remain in the car.  This year the pull through car pool lane will run up to the exit driveway of the school.  If you need to park to walk your child to school, please park past the exit drive or on a side street.  
  • Please do NOT cross the bus drive or walk between buses.   Use the designated crosswalks that are on the north and south side of the bus drive.  We all are role models for our students- please choose the safe way, not the fastest way to exit school. 
  • Utilize the crosswalk at the intersection of Hillside and Charles.
  • Remember to obey the signs posted by the City of Naperville.  The speed limit in a school zone is 20 M.P.H.  There is no parking in the drop off zone from 7:45 AM until 8:15 AM as noted on the signs.  
  • Please do not park in the school exit driveway.  This area will be used for day care bus parking.  
  • Remind your children that if they miss their ride at the end of the school day to return to the school office through Door # 1, the front door, and school personnel will assist them.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in school zones.  
  • No cars may enter the Prairie parking lot through the north entrance – our traffic flow has all vehicles enter through the south driveway.