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Abbreviations & Acronyms


Have you been reading the flyers that are sent home with your child and are not sure what some of the abbreviations/acronyms stand for? Here are some of the most common abbreviations used at Prairie:

Y/O: Youngest and/or Only.

You will find this abbreviation on order forms and other papers that come home to your child throughout the year. This means only one sheet has come home for your entire family. Prairie uses this to help save paper, when possible.

H&S: This is the abbreviation for Home and School.

WAAG: Week At A Glance

This is the abbreviation used for the electronic newsletter that is emailed to Prairie families on Sunday afternoons, sponsored by Home and School. Entries can be submitted to

Specials:This refers to art, music, PE class and the LRC (Learning Resource Center / Library) at Prairie.

SFCP: School Family Community Partnership.

The School Family Community Partnership is an organization composed of staff and parent volunteers working together at every school to provide activities for students, families and community members for the purpose of enriching the students’ experiences and supporting each school improvement plan.

PSAC:  Public Schools Administrative Center, located at 203 W. Hillside Road, Naperville