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Building the Garden

This week has seen a flurry of activity in the Eco Connections garden project. Hopefully the photos below show some part of what the excitement is about!

As many of you know we are delighted to be working in partnership with Veronica Porter, Master Gardener and Owner and Creative Director of Porter Presentations. Veronica has taken an active role in ensuring we adhere to the principles of organic gardening as we establish the area.

Today Veronica met with the students and staff from ESY to start planting up our new Monarch Way Station. Buildings and Grounds have done a great job clearing the land to the right of our front entrance ready to plant the 32 Milkweed plants which were delivered right before school finished. Take a look at the photos to see the end results!

We lay down cardboard sheets to prevent water run off, stop the new dirt from eroding in the rain, restrict weed growth and to decompose in to the soil for organic matter.

Meanwhile, Matt our trusty Custodian has been working hard building the sheds which were generously donated to us. Both sheds are now standing ready for action! Matt also put together our new wheelchair accessible table and chairs to create a much needed sitting area outside for students to enjoy. We also took delivery of a new trash and recycling bin.

You may be wondering what the fundraiser money has been spent on so far? Yesterday we purchased a brand new double barreled composter which is on Matt’s ‘to do’ list to build when he has a minute between all the other tasks we keep piling on him. THANK YOU MATT!!!