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Connections Paper Business Catches Eye of Local Bride

Naperville 203’s Connections has several thriving micro businesses to assist special needs young adults with vocational skills. One of these business caught the eye of a local bride looking to create one-of-a-kind wedding invitations.


The “Eco Connections” business uses recycled material including dehydrated flower petals from their “Bloom Room” flower arrangement delivery business, as well as school district paper waste to create the paper pulp. Then Connections students pass the pulp through a press to make usable paper. The outcome is a beautiful paper from which students create notecards, bookmarks, and gift tags.


Having seen the wonderful paper products created by students, the bride asked Connections to make her wedding invitations. With over a year to create the 200 plus invitations, the Connections business agreed to create a unique invitation for her guests. An added touch to her invitation paper were poppy seeds added to the paper pulp. This biodegradable invitation can be planted by her guests to grow beautiful flowers later. The creative reuse of an already recycled product further continues the product’s life cycle.


When deciding on business ventures, Connections seeks to be all-inclusive when providing experiences. The paper-making process is something they knew all students could participate in. Building off of their already successful Bloom Room business, the paper-making business is Connections latest success - Congratulations to Naperville 203’s Connections program! #inspire203