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The School-Family-Community Partnership held an open forum on November 29th to gather feedback from Meadow Glens families and ensure our school community is providing the safest and most efficient pick-up and drop-off procedures possible.  SFCP also invited a police officer and transportation engineer from the City of Naperville for professional expertise.  Questions and comments received at this forum were productive, and are summarized and answered by the following:


Can kindergarteners be moved back to line up at Door 1?  They now line up at Door 8 with the nearest drop-off in Lot B, and this can be a long distance for these students to walk around to their door.

Over 100 students presently use Door 1 because this is the closest door to their classrooms.  Moving our Kindergarten students to Door 1 would add an additional 50 students to the front of the school.  Kindergarten students would be lining up with some of our oldest students and enters them further from their classrooms.


Kindergarten and 1st Grade students can always be dropped off by Door 1.  They will be escorted from Lot A by school staff or Student Safety Patrol through the school and directly to their line at Doors 7 and 8.  This is explained further on page 9 of the yellow insert to the Parent/Student Handbook.


Could the school reverse the flow of traffic into and around Lot B?  This could put the driver’s side next to the sidewalk, and the drop-off zone closer to Door 8.

The school and City’s police do not recommend this change because it would be inconsistent with traffic patterns in Lot A and all other roadways around Meadow Glens.  Criss-crossing traffic at the single driveway off Muirhead Avenue may pose an added risk to both vehicles and walkers.


During pick-up, the driver’s back can sometimes be turned to the approaching child, especially if moving up in the pick-up line.  Can this be improved?

School staff is aware of this concern and will be making sure students stay behind the yellow line, remain at the designated pick-up location, and enter their vehicle safely.  This is explained further on page 6 of the yellow insert to the Parent/Student Handbook.  As a reminder – and new this year - please place your blue name card on your dashboard.  Staff look for this card to announce that a student’s ride is approaching using a new megaphone.


Can a longer seating wall be built to accommodate the greater number of students waiting for pick-up in lot B?

School administrators are working with the District’s Buildings and Grounds Department to determine if a longer wall could be constructed and appropriately located on the south end of Lot B.


Could parking not be allowed at the Park District lot, or could a new crosswalk be painted across Muirhead Avenue for walkers’ safety?

The City’s engineering staff are contacting the Park District with this concern.  Our school’s principal has also contacted the Park District in support of a sign on the Park District’s property that might discourage school-related parking.  Our school does not have authority to make these restrictions, but is willing to work with other community groups to help ensure our children’s safety.

Also, the City controls painted crosswalk markings on City streets, and their engineers will prefer only one crosswalk across Muirhead Avenue for school use which is already designated and painted near Lot A.


Could vehicle doors be opened for children to improve safety and efficiency?

School staff had sometimes provided this service in the past, but often with much disapproval from parents, so the courtesy of opening doors was stopped.  School staff will be asked if this practice should be offered again. 


Can parents and children avoid crossing the Lot B driveway near Muirhead Avenue?  Walkers at this crossing often keep vehicles from entering or leaving Lot B, and possibly contributes to back-ups on Muirhead Avenue.

A safer walk route from the sidewalk along Muirhead Avenue near Lot B (ex. coming from Chelsea Lane), would be using the school’s sidewalk around the east side of Lot B.  The school will try to encourage parents and students to use this sidewalk and avoid the congested driveway.  The sidewalk crossing at the Lot B driveway must remain for the other residents and pedestrians.


How can we tell parents to not exit their vehicle for buckling up their children, zippering their coats, or giving a hug?  This often delays the waiting vehicles.

This is a concern of both parents and staff, and everyone is reminded that a driver should not leave their vehicle while in the driving lane.  More information about safe practices for arrival-dismissal can be found on pages 6 through 9 of the yellow insert to the Parent/Student Handbook.  Parking in Lot A and using the designated crossing, is often a good option for purposes like these.


Could signs be placed on Muirhead Avenue to better direct vehicles according to the school’s traffic pattern procedures for turning into or out of Lots A and B?

Signs on Muirhead Avenue are controlled by the City.  To install a sign, the Naperville City Council would have to approve an ordinance, which then becomes a legal City code that would be enforceable by the Police.  We feel that Meadow Glens parents can voluntarily comply with our school’s arrival and dismissal procedures outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook without intervention, enforcement, and potential citations from the Police.

The City noticed a problem during their observations with waiting traffic, and will be changing NO PARKING signs along Muirhead Avenue.  This change will  “legally” allow vehicles waiting to turn into the lots to pull to the side of Muirhead Avenue and wait.  These new signs have to be approved by the City’s Transportation Advisory Board and City Council before they could be installed in early February.


Where is the Safety Patrol - it has not been used yet this year?

School staff will activate the Safety Patrol after the winter break.  Their activities around the school will include guiding students around Lot B sidewalks and escorting Kindergarten and 1st Grade students from Lot A to Doors 7 and 8.


Can a stop sign be installed on Wehrli Road at Muirhead Avenue, or can the speed limit be lowered on Wehrli Road?

The City of Naperville regulates stop signs and speed limits.  The City’s engineer informed us that a stop sign on Wehrli Road is not possible because Muirhead Avenue is only busy for short times on school days, and a stop sign would unreasonably affect Wehrli Road traffic all day and every day.  Also, Wehrli Road is too far from the school to have a “school zone” speed limit.  The City did commit to studying Wehrli Road in spring 2017 to determine if a permanently lowered speed limit is appropriate.

Meadow Glens school is checking with Naperville’s Fire, Police, and Engineering Departments if the Lot A driveway could eventually be closed or removed from Sara Lane.  Cut-through traffic often uses Lot A when children are still present after school.



Thank you …

to the families that expressed their concerns and opinions at our November forum!

to the parent volunteers and staff who supply assistance to our children around the parking lots and sidewalks!

for YOUR cooperation in helping to provide the safest and most efficient arrival and dismissal for our Meadow Glens’ school community!