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Ann Reid's Parents as Teachers Program

Naperville 203’s Ann Reid Early Childhood Center, not only educates preschool-aged students, but also offers support to families beginning prenatally through age 3. Known as the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program, it maintains the idea that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. This research-based program, funded by an Illinois State Board of Education grant, focuses on the goal that education is vital to success in school and life.

The Parents as Teacher program builds on the caregivers’ expertise about their child and offers personal in-home visits that include practical ideas to encourage learning, growth and interaction. Participants in the program can access monthly group meetings that include education on community resources and parent-child activities, as well as weekly group providing play and parent education.


Families within Naperville 203 can learn more about this program by visiting to learn if they qualify for this no-cost home visiting program, as well as our District preschool program.