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Madison Sixth Grade Students Embark on an Exploratory Field Trip

All Madison Junior High School sixth grade students had the opportunity recently to participate in a unique learning experience as an extension of their exploratory classes. Students visited one location in Naperville connected to their exploratory class and then returned to school to have multiple extensions in Technology, Team Building and Music.


The exploratory trip included visits to:

Sound Summit Recording Studio - Students got hands-on experience learning the ins and outs of the recording studio from the perspective of the musician and the engineer/producer.


WONC Radio Station - Students got a peak at the inner workings of the magic you hear daily on the radio, including the skills required to be a DJ, producer, news anchor, or manager.


Ellman’s Instrument Repair Center - Students saw first hand the skills and technology needed to teach, maintain, and repair woodwind, brass, string and percussion instruments.


Schoenherr Gallery: Exhibit Installation - Students shared in an art experience by watching a professional artist install his or her collection in a gallery space.


Humane Society - Students learned about skills needed to make a difference in their community and in the lives of numerous animals.


The day concluded with an in-school exploratory extension for students to rotate through technology, team building and music where they learned things like coding and computer science, and understanding music as a performance art.