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14th Annual Mock Trial

Now in it’s 14th year, Business Law students from Naperville North and Naperville Central faced off in the courtroom during the annual Crosstown Mock Trial.

Students worked throughout the semester building their case for Bryson vs Cobb. In the fictional case, Harper Bryson and Joey Cobb are two highly talented baseball/softball players who compete against each other during the high school season co-ed softball season, but are teammates during summer league baseball. Their rivalry against each other flows into both seasons. During the semi-final co-ed softball playoffs Harper is on second base racing towards home as a base hit ricochets off 2nd base into the outfield. Joey fields the ball and throws towards the plate, but it doesn’t make it to the catcher’s glove. Instead it hits Harper squarely in the head knocking him out cold. Everyone knows that Joey has the arm and the talent to hit anything on the field from the outfield, but the question is – did he do it on purpose?

Students presented opening statements, cross examined witnesses, and presented evidence as if in a real trial. The jury, composed of local community members, reached a verdict of hung jury 4-3 in favor of plaintiff.

The Honorable Bobbi Petrungaro was the Presiding Judge and offered advice and encouragement to the aspiring lawyers.

Lawyers with Ottosen, Britz, Kelly, Cooper, Gilbert & DiNolfo mentored the students throughout the semester to prepare them for the mock trial. #empower203