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Redhawk Recovery Helps Students Take Ownership of Their Learning

In order to support students in taking ownership of their learning, Naperville Central High School has implemented a new intervention program this year called Redhawk Recovery. Students who become eligible for Redhawk Recovery have not submitted - or need to make-up - a summative assessment; have been given adequate time and reminder to make-up assessments before the referral is made; or demonstrate a trend (5+) of missing formative assessments and have a D or F in a the course.


Teachers at Naperville Central carefully plan the instruction, coursework and assessments that will lead to student attainment of the standards for their course. Much of this planning is dependent upon information about student learning that teachers gather through assignments and assessments. When a student doesn’t complete their assigned coursework in a timely manner, the ability of the teacher to adjust plans to meet student needs is compromised. Redhawk Recovery supports students who have not completed the assignments or assessments necessary for their teachers to make instructional planning decisions.

When a teacher refers a student to Redhawk Recovery, that student will attend a session lead by members of our Administration and Student Services teams during their lunch period. These professionals will help support Redhawk Recovery students with time & resource management strategies as well as focused time that allows students to promptly complete their missing assignments. Students will report to a designated Redhawk Recovery classroom where they will eat lunch and complete their work until all missing assignments have been completed.


When a student is referred to Redhawk Recovery, both the student and parents/guardians will be notified of this placement. In addition, the coursework that must be completed in order for the student to return to their regularly scheduled lunch period will be clearly communicated.


“Redhawk Recovery provides students who need it the time and support to be successful in their classes,” said William Wiesbrook, Principal, Naperville Central High School. “Some students have even expressed appreciation for the dedicated academic work time and ask to stay in Redhawk Recovery.”


During the first semester of the 2018-19 year, Redhawk Recovery supported 230+ students who needed additional time and/or support to complete assigned coursework or assessments, as well as supported 55+ NCHS teachers who were able to make timely instructional decisions based on student assessments submitted through Redhawk Recovery. Through this collaborative process, Redhawk Recovery allows for action research and data collection that will help NCHS develop a more complete system of supports for students with SEL needs and will lead to higher levels of learning for all students. #empower203