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HURRAH Volunteers Learn from Students to Navigate Chromebooks and Google Apps

HURRAH (Happy, Upbeat Retirees [& other] Residents Actively Helping) volunteers serve our Naperville 203 schools in a variety of ways supporting the learning environment. Since the Digital Learning Initiative rolled out, many have expressed interest in building their own working knowledge of our school issued Chromebook computers and the programs and electronic resources used by our students.


With the goal of meeting this need, Natasha Konrad, Learning Commings Director at Madison Junior High School, developed training sessions lead by students on Chromebooks and Google Applications for Education.


For Mrs. Konrad it was a great opportunity to help our volunteers feel more comfortable working with students and in the educational environment. “This experience was one of my favorite teaching moments to date. The students were so excited to teach, and the volunteers really enjoyed spending the time with kids.”


The response was overwhelmingly positive! HURRAH volunteers signed up for sessions that worked with their schedule and had the benefit of private tutoring by students in all things Google. The teacher (MJHS student) to student (HURRAH volunteer) ratio was often 4:1.


“I attended the session today, and it was wonderful. It was great to see this technology from the student’s perspective, and hear from them all the things they like about it,” said Jim Hill, HURRAH volunteer.


If you are interested in becoming a HURRAH volunteer, please click here. #empower203