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Board Briefs October 15, 2018

Highlights from the October 15, 2018 Board of Education meeting include:


  • Beebe Elementary School students led the BOE Pledge of Allegiances. Student included Connor Hutton, Jack Bouska, Luke Bouska, Ben Reif, Sam Reif, Mya McNeal, Gabriele Cortes, Jaime Cortes, Laila Cortes, Cooper Rester, and Corrinna Rester.
  • Superintendent Bridges recognized Gianna Bonsonto, a Mission Maker from Naper Elementary School, for being a Collaborative Worker and a Community Contributor.
  • Students were recognized for having met the criteria for the National Hispanic Recognition Program including NCHS: Nathaniel Chavez, Marina McCormack, NNHS: Julian Wagner-Carena, Michael Gallego, Ignacio Gamboa, Isabella Goncalves, Ian Polanco, Alfonso Xavier Ruiz and Jacob Vrankin.
  • The BOE voted to send a delegate to the IASB with a vote of do not adopt Resolution #2 Student Safety & Protection.
  • The BOE heard several presentations including Grading Practices and Standards Based/Referenced Reporting and the current implementation process, as well as the 2018 Summer School/ESY report.
  • The BOE approved the following items:
    • Master Facility Plan Update
    • IASB Resolutions Delegate
    • New CTE Course Proposals
    • Resolution Designating Interest Earnings


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