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Student Creativity on Display at Naperville Central High School Honor Garden

The Naperville Central High School Honor Garden has a new art piece on display - a Downtown Naperville Business Association heart sculpture! Sponsored by Edgewood Clinical Services, the heart sculpture was painted by three NCHS students including Andrea Peguero, Neda Stankeviciute, and Evin Hook. Teachers Mr. Hodge, Ms. Mancuso, and Mr. Jensen were instrumental in supporting the students.


“We celebrate this opportunity for our students to have their work displayed in our community,” said Lynne Nolan, Dean of Student Activities.


The Edgewood heart was on display in Naperville from June through September 2018 and was voted the favorite heart by the Naperville community.


“We have been active in the community for a long time and since we work closely with the Naperville 203 schools, it made a lot of sense to have the students express themselves through painting the heart,” said Adam Russo, Chairman and CEO, Edgewood Clinical Services.


The Edgewood heart will stay on display in the NCHS Honor Garden for all of the community to enjoy. Thank you Edgewood for this opportunity! #empower203