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Maplebrook Elementary Celebrates "Dot Day"

What started as a children’s book about creativity and courage has created a global phenomenon encouraging students to “make their mark.”


On September 15, more than 10 million people are celebrating Dot Day, inspired by Peter H. Reynolds’ book The Dot. Published in 2003, The Dot follows a student who at first was nervous to draw, and simply drew a dot on a piece of paper. Through her teacher’s encouragement, she grew in her confidence and creativity.

Maplebrook Elementary School celebrated Dot Day by inviting community members and District staff to read the book to students.


“Don’t doubt yourself. Keep on trying and don’t give up,” reflected a third grade student after hearing the book.


“You can be creative in your own way,” said City Councilwoman and Anderson’s Bookshop owner Becky Anderson. “Show your mark starting right here in our community. Nothing is too small.”


After the reading, students drew ways they can contribute to their community and, used paint and robots to form a piece of collaborative art made of many splatters, and dots.