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Summer School: Opportunities for all!


Summer: the sun is shining, birds are chirping and... students are still in school? Throughout the District hundreds of motivated kids and educators fill the elementary, junior high and high schools to continue their love for learning and teaching.


“I chose to do summer school because I know my coworkers had a great experience in the past and I love to work with kids. I figured why not work with a different group of kids so I could expand my repertoire of teaching and also continue to hangout with my coworkers and learn new strategies that will work best for my upcoming students,” said Andrea Murphy from River Woods Elementary School.


Summer school is designed to excite and educate, not to be a bore or bother and the kids would agree! From science camp with rocket launching and volcano making; to inspiring young authors; reading, writing and running; band camp with clashing cymbals and tooting trombones; owning the stage in acting class; putting your “stamp of approval” on summer school in printmaking; and doing all things chemistry at the high school level. The options are limitless!


Naperville 203’s wide variety of class offerings ensure that there is a class for everyone at every age! Whether they are taking it for fun or to get ahead, summer school is a great choice to make a long break worthwhile.


“I wanted to keep learning over the summer so I didn’t forget what I was taught during the school year,” junior high student, Ella King exclaimed.


Summer school unites the District as well, it gives teachers an opportunity to utilize their skills in a different environment among their coworkers, other teachers from the area and an array of students eager to learn. The kids cherish this time as well to catch up with old friends, learn and take more classes with their favorite teachers.


“Even though we learn a lot, Mr. [Kevin] Harper still makes learning really fun. He adds games to what we learn so it makes it really exciting,” added Ella King.


“I picture it as a family reunion because I get to see all my other friends,” said elementary student, Trinity Jones.


Summer school showcases the immense passion for learning in both students and teachers. It creates bonds that may have not happened otherwise. While school may stop for the summer, learning does not and Naperville 203’s summer school programs are the perfect way to instill a love for lifelong learning in students.