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Volunteer Opportunities

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We need parent volunteers to be Head Room Parents, Class Party Volunteers, and Photographers for class parties! This is a great opportunity to get involved and have fun with your kids and their classmates! Class parties planned for the year are: Fall Festival (October 31), Winter Party (December 21), and Valentine’s Day Party (February 13).


The Head Room Parent helps coordinate the three class parties held during the year.  The Head Room Parent may attend each class party or designate another volunteer to go in his/her place.  There is an informational meeting for all Head Room Parents on Wednesday, September 19, at 7:00pm in the Learning Commons.


Class Party Volunteers work together with the Head Room Parent to plan the crafts, games or activities for each party. Alternate Class Party Volunteers may be called upon to help with and attend a party if the scheduled Class Party Volunteers or Head Room Parent is unable to attend.


Class Party Photographers take pictures during each themed party. Each grade level will need one photographer (except for 2nd grade, which will have 2 photographers to accommodate 4 classrooms) to float through all classes to take pictures for our yearbook.


Sign-ups are initially limited to 1 per class so everyone has an opportunity to participate. There are separate sign-ups for each class, so you can sign up more than once if you have multiple kids at Kingsley. Please note that sign-ups must be in the name of the volunteer as listed on their state-issued ID to be compliant with Kingsley’s visitor ID system (Raptor).


Classroom Party Volunteers


KDG – Vollmer:

KDG – Brodette:

KDG – Viager:


1st – Bretag:

1st – Snyder:

1st – Sowell:


2nd – Robbins:

2nd – Willis:

2nd – Michaels:

2nd - Hochhauser:


3rd – Benning:

3rd – Mueller:

3rd – Shields:


4th – Casey:

4th – Dolinar:

4th – Noffke:


5th – Bennington:

5th – Gordon:

5th – Phillips:





If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Simmons at