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Cold Weather Reminders

Cold Weather Reminders:

All children should come dressed appropriately for cold weather and expect to go outdoors. If there is snow on the ground, students MUST wear boots and snow pants or remain on the blacktop. No boots are to be worn in school. Shoes are to be put on after entering the school. On inclement days children may spend a portion of their recess out of doors or be kept indoors throughout the recess period.


Please label the winter gear with your student's name.


“Inclement days” are determined by taking wind chill, precipitation, ice and snow cover and temperature into account. During the winter we will go outside for recess if the wind chill index is at zero or above. The wind chill report will come from the National Weather Service.


Students are only permitted to stay in for recess with a doctor’s note.


Following is a link for more information on Delayed Starts/School Closings