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School Supplies 2019-20

image of school supplies Ellsworth’s Home and School works with Shane’s School Supply Kits to provide reasonably priced kits so you can avoid the chaos of summertime school supply shopping. Each kit contains all the supplies requested by your student’s teacher at cost, with no additional fees for handling or delivery.


If you missed the May 10th deadline, you can still order supply kits on your own. You have through August 31st to order. You will pay sales tax since the school isn’t ordering them for you and you will also pay a delivery fee as the kit will be mailed to your house, and not the school. Please call Elise Abbott at (630) 796-0740 and let her know what kit you would like to order or visit to order. You will be asked for our code,which is: ELLS203.


Visit School Supplies List under Classrooms/Grade Levels to see the supplies needed by grade level.